Jay-Z is planning on selling his 10th album of his career which was inspired by the movie "American Gangster." Some songs have leaked on the internet, but he also has his singles on iTunes. I gave his single, Blue Magic, a try and I just wasn't feeling the song. That is just me though, I am sure that there are people out there who loved the single and thought it was fantastic, but it was just not my cup of tea. I liked Jay-Z's earlier stuff, "The Black Album" was a good album, and his "Jay-Z Unplugged" provided by MTV was also good. I wasn't really feeling his last album either, "Kingdom Come." I don't know what it is about his newer stuff, but I hope he gets back to what he used to be singing. Although I am not a fan of his upcoming album my opinion can change once I hear the full album in its entirety. Def Jam Senior Vice President has stated that for each track on the album, there will be a "mini movie" clip. I think this is an interesting way to go about producing the album and I have never really seen this method done before. All in all, I am still excited for the new release from Jay-Z. I may not have liked the single, but that can easily change depending on the rest of the album! Jay-Z's album hits stores November 6, 2007.

The Track Listing:
"Blue Magic (Feat. Pharrell)"
"Alright, Alright"
"You Don't Know"
"And The Winner Is"
"American Gangster (Feat. T.I.)"
"Ignorant -Censored-"
"The Demise"
"I Get Money (Song By 50 Cent) (Billion Dollar Remix) (Feat. Jay-Z and P. Diddy)"

Previews For The Album:
Movie Trailer For American Gangster

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