This weeks Unknown Artist of the Week is Miri Ben-Ari. Miri Ben-Ari was raised in Tel Aviv Israel and began her career there. Her style of music is of something that not many are used to hearing. She is a hip-hop violinist who has won many Israeli music awards. The only way I can think that you have possibly heard her name would be in some of the songs she has participated in with some of the many popular American Hip-Hop/Rap musicians living around the world. She has worked with Kanye West, Alicia Keys, Subliminal, Twista, Akon, Wyclef Jean, John Legend, and Maroon 5. Now that you know who she has produced some music with, go ahead and give a listen to some of her stuff. It is pretty good and is a bit different then what you probably listen to now.

Popular Songs With Miri Ben-Ari:

Kanye West:
- Freshman Adjustment 3: Fly Away
- College Dropout: Graduation Day
- College Dropout: Jesus Walks
- College Dropout: We Don't Care
- College Dropout: Two Words
- College Dropout: Breathe In Breathe Out
- College Dropout: New Workout Plan
- Late Registration: Late (Bonus Track)

- Trouble: Miss Melody

Alicia Keys:
- Songs In A Minor: Fallin'

John Legend:
- Get Lifted: Live It Up

- Kamikaze: Overnight Celebrity

Wyclef Jean:
- Masquerade: Masquerade

Album Productions:
1999 - Sahara
2003 - Temple of Beautiful
2005 - The Hip Hop Violinist

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