Hi-Tek 2007 release of Hi-Teknology 3: Underground, marks his fourth studio release, and third part to his "Hi-Teknology" series.  Hi-Tek's latest release is in my opinion, the best one yet, featuring (as usual) many rising stars to be.  The album features not only young artists, but veterans to the music industry as well.  Talib Kweli, Raekwon, Dion (now 68 years old), Young Buck, Ghostface Killah, and a few other artists are featured on the album.  Some of you may have heard the singles to this album and though to yourself, "It is just one song, the whole album is not going to be good..."  If you are that person, then I suggest you re-think that statement and give Hi-Teknology 3: Underground a full listen in its entirety.

Track Listing:
"Tek Intro"
"Life To Me (Feat. Estelle)"
"Interlude (Feat. Lil' Tone)"
"My Piano (Feat. Raekwon, Dion & Ghostface Killah)"
"God's Plan (Feat. Young Buck & Outlawz)"
"Ohio All Stars (Feat. Cross, Showtime, Mann, Chip Tha Ripper)"
"Back On The Grind (Feat. Riz, Kurupt & Dion)"
"I'm Back (Feat. Rem Dog)"
"Kill You (Feat. Push Montana)"
"Handling My Bizness (Feat. Lep, Count [From Low End Professional], Big D & M-1)"
"Come Get It (Tekrumentals)"
"Step It Up (Remix) (Feat. Little Brother & Dion)"
"Know Me (Feat. Jonell)"
"Time (Feat. Talib Kweli & Dion)"

Extra Stuff:
Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek Performing Live Cincinnati:

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