"Songs for Silverman" would be in my opinion, the second best Ben Folds album.  A few posts back, I wrote a review on his first release, "Rockin' the Suburbs."  So here comes my second review (leading up to his upcoming release).  Out of all the albums (as of yet) that have been released by Mr. Folds, "Songs for Silverman" has been his most successful, reaching number thirteen on the Billboards 200.  Unlike his first release, "Songs for Silverman" is a much more upbeat and happy album.  "Rockin' the Suburbs" is a much darker album mainly due to what was going on in Ben Folds' life.  "Songs for Silverman" is a much happier album, mainly due to his marriage and kids.  Overall, "Songs for Silverman" was a great album, and it has me excited for his upcoming album which is yet to have an album name.

Track Listing:
"You to Thank"
"Give Judy My Notice"
"Sentimental Guy"
"Prison Food"
"Bitches Ain't Shit (Bonus Track)"
"Side of the Road (Japan Bonus Track)"

Ben Folds Cover of "Such Great Heights" Live:

John Mayer & Ben Folds Live:

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