Once and awhile, we come by a mixtape/compilation in which we just can't ignore, and must do a review for.  Well, we came about this compilation set of unreleased Chris Brown songs off his past album entitled, "Exclusive."  After giving the compilation mixtape a listen, I listened to it again, and again, and again.  I could not believe that these tracks never made the cut,  The album itself was amazing, but all these tracks that did not make it were just as good!  The mixtape itself was just all around amazing, and was so solid, I was extremely surprised at how good all these tracks were.  I am thinking that these tracks were so good that he will end up making an third album with them...I am hoping!  Who knows, there may be another mixtape out in which there will be more tracks that were not included with the album.  Whoever made the compilation did an amazing job, and I advise that if anyone comes across it, that they should give it a listen and enjoy the sweet tunes of the one and only Chris Brown.

Mixtape/Compilation Name:
The Exclusive Tracks

Featured Track Listing:
First Day of Spring
Get At Ya
Gone Get It
Greatness (Feat. T-Pain)
I Better Leave
I Needed you
I'm Afraid
I'm Gonna Find Out
It Was Me
Keep It Movin'
Say Goodbye (Remix)
Try A Little Tenderness
With You (Remix) (Feat. Karina Pasian)
Wuz' Up
Missin' You (Feat. Johnta Austin)
Kiss Kiss (Acapella) (Feat. T-Pain)
Kiss Kiss (Instrumental)
Kiss Kiss (Official Remix) (Feat. T-Pain & Papoose)
Kiss Kiss (R-Sin Remix) (Feat. T-Pain)
Kiss Kiss (Reggae Remix) (Feat. T-Pain & Tok)
Kiss Kiss (Remix) (Feat. T-Pain & Nelly)
Wall To Wall (Remix) (Feat. Kimberley Gibbs)
Wall To Wall (Remix) (Feat. Jadakiss)
Wall To Wall (Remix) (Feat. Talib Kweli & Jadakiss)
Nice (Instrumental)
Nice (Remix) (Feat. The Game & ATM)
With You (Instrumental)

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