1.) What has inspired you to "do what you do"?
Answer: Alot of things inspire me to do what I do. I'd have to say that current and past struggles in life inspire me to do what I do along with my 2 kids, friends, family, the fans, etc.

2.) Has there ever been a time in which you have been supported by a recording company, if so, who.
Answer: It depends on ya definition of what support is. I signed to an indie label called Hard Body Ent. back in 2006. I was suppose to go on tour with them but nothin' ever materialized from me signin' to them due to me bein' on level 2 probation and a loss of contact between the label and myself.

3.) Have you ever done any live performances? if so, where.
Answer: I have never done a live performance yet but hopefully I will soon.

4.) How does putting out a song work for you? Do you have someone mix tracks for you, or is it just a one man band man production?
Answer: I usually do everythin' myself. With the remixes I do all the mixin' myself as for some of the original tracks, S Tha Mogul has produced some of them but I mix my own part on every song. Remixes and originals.

5.) What is your musical background (i.e. who do you work with on your tracks?)
Answer: The main people I collaborate with are S Tha Mogul and 20 Grand. I'm lookin' to collab with other artists to so if anyone wants to collab then hit me up.

6.) What are the main focus of your songs?
Answer: My main focus depends on how the beat sounds. With the remixes I just go along with the topic that the actual artist are already talkin' about. With original tracks it depends on how the beat sounds. Like an original track I have to finish recording called "I Be Grindin", the beat sounds like a hood/anthem type track so that's what the track is turnin' out to be.

7.) Who influences you to "do what you do"?
Answer: Influences to me are more who I look up to in a sense so I'd have to say I'm influenced by the emcees I named in my bio, Budden, Banks, Em, Fab, Cass, etc.

8.) How would you define success, and how do you attend to capture success?
Answer: I define success by whatever makes me or anyone happy from there own point of view. Like if I'm happy with a girl I'm in a relationship with then I'd consider that a successful relationship. I plan to capture success by just continuin' to grind and do music. I've been doin' music since I was 16, I'm 21 now. I have feelin' that all my hard work will pay off soon, if not then someone's dyin', lol.

9.) Do you have any contacts with people in the music industry?
Answer: Nope, none. Not to mention I'm from Delaware, the land of no opprotunity.

10.) How do you want to be remembered?
Answer: It'd be nice to be remembered like Big and Pac are remembered, like Jay-Z will be remembered. Not every emcee can achieve that status though so honestly, I just wanna be remembered as an emcee who was very lyrical and had a story to tell that should be made into a movie, lol.

11.) What makes you different then other MC's out there?
Answer: I think what makes me different from other emcees is my hunger to make my hard work pay off, my hunger to succeed. Another thing that I think makes me different is that I'm lyrical, at least I consider myself lyrical. If you listen to any track I do whether remix or original I always use multi's and usually there's a few punch-lines thrown in with some word play. I'm also different in the sense that I can dig deep and talk about the struggles I've been through which I haven't meant an emcee yet who's been through some of the shit I've been through.

12.) Who is your favorite musician?
Answer: It's a tie between Joe Budden, Lloyd Banks and Eminem.

13.) What are your upcoming musical works (names, tracks?)
Answer: I'm currently workin' on 4 mixtapes, 3 remixes and 1 original mixtape. the remixes will be the usual set ups meanin' the big songs of the year will be what I remix and some hot underground songs that deserve mainstream attention will get remixed (ie. Deepside's "What I Need"). My original mixtape "Who Can Relate?" just under went a track list face lift. I scraped the previous track list for a new one. Some of the tracks that will be on "Who Can Relate?" are "I Be Grindin", "Back 2 Lyrics", "So Beauitful", "Ain't No Love", "U Coulda Been", etc.

14.) Who is your biggest competition? Have you ever had competition to be better then another musician?
Answer: My biggest competition is myself. I'm always tryin' to out do myself on every track I do whether it's a remix or an original track. I've been told on a number of occasions that I'm very lyrical so I stay tryin' to become more lyrical with every track I do. Anytime I collab with S and/or 20 I always view it as friendly competition, lol. It's like okay let's see who's gon' shine on this track, u might of had the last one but I'm gon' shine on this one, lol.

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