I am sure there have been tons of rumors on what is to come from Eminem, but we are here to tell you what is up with his current entertainment productions.  As of right now, it appears that Eminem will be coming out with a book that will explore the inner Eminem in which people have  never seen before.  Pictures, drawings, and other interesting stuff is said to be included in the book.  Now this is not the first time a celebrity has announced that they will be releasing a book.  O.J. had wanted to release the book, If I Did It, so what will Eminem's book be titled? Anyone want to guess, because I have no idea what he would call it.  I am sure the book will be a good read and give more information and understanding into the life that is Marshall Manthers.

Besides the new biographical which will be about Eminem's personal life, it has been confirmed by Mr. Manther's representative that the Detroit Rap star has not confirmed release date of an album to come out let alone if he has even been working on a new album (rumors of a new Eminem album have been floating around on the web for a long time now).  Thats all the news and information we have on Eminem, when we hear more, you'll see it here first!

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