Well, as reported earlier, Talib Kweli will be coming out with an album this year.  That fact has not changed, and neither has the title.  What we have that is so new is that not only will Talib Kweli be putting together a solo album effort, but it has now been announced that  he will be working with Hi-Tek and Res on two other albums.  So below will be a synopsis of the albums, and there names.  I am really excited for his up coming three releases this year, and if his solo album is as good as his one last year, then his 2008 release will for sure be fantastic.

Second Reflection Eternal:  The follow up album to Talib Kweli and DJ Hi-Tek's ever so popular Train of Thought.  Just like on Train of Thought, DJ Hi-Tek will be producing all the tracks, and Talib Kweli will be MC'ing those same tracks.  So don't think of this album as much of a collab effort, it is more like a teamwork album in which Hi-Tek is just sort of helping out and not being too active (singing wise).  The only expected guest on the album so far is Dion, but I am positive that there will be more as more news comes out on this release.

Party Robot: The first album that will be put out by the brand new group that calls themselves, "Idle Warship."  This newly formed group is made up of obviously Talib Kweli and Res (who appeared on the opening track of Ear Drum by Talib Kweli).  There collaboration album is to be called Party Robot and should be an interesting listen.  I have never really heard of Res before, and I love Talib, so there really isn't much to say about how I think this album will work out.  There has already been a leaked track from the album entitled, "Industry Diary."  This leaked track has yet to be confirmed on the album, but you can listen to it just by searching around on the web.

From our past news on Kweli, we did not have any tracks which were either leaked or confirmed on the album, but now we have one!  This track is confirmed to be on the album and is produced by Kanye West.  The track is entitled, "Momma, Can You Hear Me Now?" and I am sure if you look around on the web, you could find a YouTube video featuring the song.  I hope you all know a bit more about what Kweli has in store for all his fans this year, the lineup for his releases seem jam packed!

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