I was sitting in my chair, looking at the computer screen, and it hit me.  Besides just writing reviews and reporting news, maybe I should make this blog into something more.  Something special!  Something that will benefit everyone.  So I made the decision to now offer hosting to any fundraising group that would like to find a way to get fundraising through blogs.  I don't know if other blogs will follow in my blogs foot steps (I highly doubt it), but I think that this blog should give something back to the community and should help out with problems around the world.  If you are someone who would like us to host a Donation section to your cause, drop us a e-mail and we will let you know what we think.  This is not something we are kidding about, so now stupid stuff like, "Donate to the Billy Needs Money Fund,"  I am talking about real groups trying to make a difference out there.  Hopefully some of the viewers of the blog could just donate a dollar or two to the cause that we would be supporting.  It is always great to give back, and I want to make this blog a way in which we can do that!  If you want to host a fundraiser on our blog, (we will only be hosting one to two at a time), drop us an e-mail at: sickwitityo@gmail.com. We look forward to hearing some offers from charities out there!

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