There are tons of ideas whirling in my head right now, all of which I may want to act upon.  It has been awhile since we have had a full blog update, so we may be due for one.  We are not looking to change the format of the blog, or the way we do things on here, but maybe getting rid of, or adding new features to the blog.  Our blog has started to get its name out there, and we want to thank everyone for helping us accomplish our goal to being the best blog out on the web.  We would like to hear more from you, the viewers who read the blog and check it every now and then.  I want to know what you guys want to see from us!  The blog was set up for discussion, and no one has really discussed much.  

Another update for you all is that Tha Good Life Reviews and Ain't Got No Music (our affiliate blog) will hopefully be working on putting out some stuff for all of our viewers.  Awhile back, AKAvsMA and I were talking of doing the following projects together.
  • T-Pain: The Collection (Collaborations/Productions/Remixes)
  • TGLR & AGNM: Fan Made Mixes and Mashes
It is not final that AKAvsMA wants to continue to do this project, as I am still awaiting an e-mail response from him, but if so, I am sure he (and I) will do a great job if we do decide to do it.  Those are just a few things that we have in mind and in store, what do you think the blog needs or doesn't need, we want to hear what you have to say!

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