I did not think I would be posting up a sequel post to my original "Music & Politics" post, but here I am, doing it again.  So what is new this time?  Well for one thing, has been new, and that is the new Will.I.Am Obama song.  I truly do not know this man does it.  Well, when you look at a political ad, or song, you try and see what it has to say (or at least I do).  Take the new song made by Will.I.Am, it is upbeat, it talks about better life for everyone.  Why doesn't Hillary Clinton get someone like Will.I.Am to do this?  Does Clinton even have fans like this, who are so dedicated to her political campaign.  The art of campaigning is a very interesting thing.  I mean if you look at the Obama campaign, he hasn't hired Will.I.Am (yet) to do campaigning for him.

I mean if you look at almost everything in the world, it is politics.  Music is something that is instrumental to politics and political ads and campaigning.  I mean what do you think would be different about the American Presidential Election if Hilary Clinton had Kanye West singing ads for her.  What if Huckabee decided to have 50 Cent produce a song for his campaign?  These are things to think about!  Do you think Obama will be the next President because Will.I.Am and so many other stars (not just any old stars, but popular and award winning stars) are voicing their views and what they think he can bring to their country?  All the rest of the candidates could use fans like Obama.  

"We Are The Ones" Music Video:

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