As you all know, this blog does a lot to bring artists and music from around the globe to viewers.  Since we do that, and enjoy doing it so much, we are now offering to those who make mashups and mixes to send us your stuff, and we will post it up.  If we get enough tracks from people, we can make a mixtape (sort of like the album art above, in which The Hood Internet made their own).  It is awfully hard to make a mixtape, so my suggestion is that if you have mixed one fantastic song, send it us at sickwitityo@gmail.com, and we will upload it, host it on the blog, and when we get enough tracks, we will put them all together on a mixtape.  Let us know if you are interested by sending us an e-mail, or posting a comment on this post.  You do not have to be a DJ, an MC, or anything professional.  The purpose for this album si to get music made by average people and put it together to create a great musical project.  This is a project we wish to pursue, so if you have a mix that you want to be included, let us know.

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