Look at them, smiling, happy, not pregnant...that was life for the Spears sisters before stardom. Just take a minute, and look that how upturned their lives have been ever since hitting the big stage.  Britney is now a crazy person, and her sister, Jamie, is now pregnant.  This post is not focusing on them, but on all the pop stars out there who have been pushed to the limits due to their jobs.  So what makes pop music and actors go to the limits?  It is very simple.  The Media.

The Spears sisters are a perfect example.  Each hit it big...Britney through music, and Jamie through her hit TV Series, Zoe 101.  As both of their careers go on, each start facing problems. Britney is preggers, and now so is Jamie (at the age of 16).  Now each of them made poor decision, but regardless of that, the media has pushed them to their limits.

As I just posted, Michael Jackson has just stopped covering his childrens faces when they are out in public.  What made him do it in the first place?  The media pushing him to the limits in which he could not think straight.  As much as people love to criticize musicians and actors and the things they do in their lives, take a minute and think about why and what happened to them.  I promise you, it will link back to the media.

If those three examples were not enough, look at Owen Wilson.  He tried to kill himself recently.  Why you might ask?  Well how about him being depressed.  Being a superstar does not always mean that you are going to be happy.  The media in a way pushed him there. Sometimes, when you are in a situation like he is, you wish you were not a movie star, but just an average joe, whose personal life and actions were not criticized by others and known by the whole world.

The last example I have to present my case is the now ever so popular Amy Winehouse. Winehouse is a crack addict, and a very troubled person.  She used to be a pretty average person.  No tattoo's, no crack addiction, and now drunk performances.  Now that she has become popular, and a star, reports are all over the place, mainly about her crack addiction.

Pop stars are people too.  All the people above have been pushed to the limit, and have had their lives critiqued and criticized ever since entering the business.  While it is their job to be speculated by the public eye, maybe people should do a bit less of it.  Don't get me wrong, I all of the ones above have made stupid decisions, and not all can be blamed on the media, but imagine how much less, "craziness" there could have been in their lives.

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