In the words of Farmers HelpPoint Ads, "Sanity makes a comeback."  The King of Pop has maybe loosened that leash he once had on his kids, and is now allowing his children to walk around with out head coverings.  This is a big step up, and hopefully it won't be the last step up Michael takes to bettering his families life.  Look below and look that the drastic change for yourself!

So my main question is, why now?  What has changed now, that has not before?  Why would Michael Jackson decide to unmask his kids now when he has been doing it for so long!?  Well, I think I have a pretty solid idea as to WHY!  The main reason in my opinion is due to the fact that he has a music release coming up.  Everyone wants there name out there in a positive light (except for O.J. Simpson).  His kids look great, and happy, and I am glad that he made the decision to "unmask" his children.  If you want to read more, or read the article in which I read about this, Click Here (The Sun Online)!

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toddler beddings said... @ January 23, 2012 at 7:26 AM

I've got to say that they have been really good in the process. I just hoped that the kids would grow up normally after all that's been happen to them

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