Here is just a list of what is going on with the blog and some new features!  Let us know what you think about the new stuff and the future planned tasks.
  • NEW MUSIC PLAYER featured on the far right sidebar of the blog (if you have any suggestions for songs that could go there, let us know by leaving a message in the chatbox or on this post!)
  • NEW ALBUM COVERS are featured at the bottom of the blog.  It is all of our favorite albums (their covers), thought it might be interesting for you all to see what we listen to!
  • POSSIBLE live chat box might be placed somewhere on the blog, we really don't know yet if we are going to go to a sort of meebo chat room idea, we'll see.
  • BRINGING BACK the old blog domain?  We sure are!  The old blog (http://sickisity.blogspot.com) will now be used for placing old stuff (i.e. 2006 Albums of the Year...After 2008 is done, 2007's Albums of the Year, and other stuff as well).  We are thinking of converting the old blog into a more rankings thing, where all we do is like rankings of music.  Ranking would be like Top 10 Lists, Best and Worst, and so on and so forth.
  • SPAM is a very big issue on the blog right now.  This guy named Marlond keeps on spamming our chatbox.  We have asked him numerous times to stop, and if he does not, we plan on sending a personal complaint e-mail to not only himself, but to the people who are running the chatbox service.  So Marlond, if you read this, please stop spamming my chatbox, thanks!  (P.S. if you want to affiliate, just say that in a message instead of leaving a link over and over again).
  • AFFILIATES will be added at the end of this week.  We have some great blogs wanting to join forces with us, and then there are also some blog(s) that went down this week, and we will be sure to pay them their dues and take them off the list.
  • MIXTAPE production has already gone underway.  This is what is going on!  I have proposed a title for the T-Pain mixtape that like six blogs are working on together.  It will be, from what I understand, a 3 part mixtape, having his collabs, featured tracks, and singles all together.  If your a big T-Pain fan, I think you will really enjoy this compilation of his works!  I have proposed a name for the mixtapes called, "T-Pain: The Collection (Collaborations/Productions/Remixes).  I will have more news on that as I talk to the other people involved in this work process!
That is pretty much all for now, check back later for more reviews, and news!

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