So as we reported before, Death Cab For Cutie is planning yet another album, so I figured, why not do a review on their most recent release!  Plans was DCFC's fifth studio album release, and it was (in my opinion) their best release yet.  No one has really heard of them before this album, but their past releases were just as good.  The album is soothing, and the melodies are calming, it follows the sort of sound which Jack Johnson produced in his In Between Dreams release.  If you know of the band called The Postal Service, you will notice similar sounds off of their one album release.  This is because they have a DCFC member who partakes in the band.  Plans is one of my favorite albums and if their 2008 release will be anything like this album, then I am super excited!  Check out some of their EP's and past albums if you really enjoy this one.

Track Listing:
"Marching Bands of Manhattan"
"Soul Meets Body"
"Summer Skin"
"Different Names for the Same Thing"
"I Will Follow You into the Dark"
"Your Heart Is an Empty Room"
"Someday You Will Be Loved"
"Crooked Teeth"
"What Sarah Said"
"Brothers on a Hotel Bed"
"Stable Song"

Bonus Tracks:
"Talking Like Turnstiles (Vinyl-Only Bonus Track, Later Released On The Crooked Teeth EP)"
"Jealousy Rides With Me (Japanese Bonus Track, B-Side To "Soul Meets Body" Vinyl Single)"
"Start Again (iTunes Exclusive Track)"
"Bad Reputation (iTunes Exclusive Track)"

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