Well just yesterday I had said that I would be updating the blog, but I forgot to mention a sort of new feature in which I will be doing.  It is not so much a feature, but an update on my affiliates and what is going on with their blog.  Since we have gotten so many requests for affiliates, in now (what I believe is a) fifth month of being up on the web, we think it is time to clean up the list to help out viewers find what they want in a better and easier way.  So with that, here is our first clean up of the year, and update on our affiliates.

Affiliate Blogs That Are No More:
  • The Young Kingz Daily
  • The Music Connection
  • Tribe Time Now
Inactive Affiliate Blogs:
  • Music Mania
  • The Tin Man
Newly Blog Affiliates:
  • Fashion RnB
  • Free Rap Hop
  • Hip Hop For Free
  • Marlon-Dera
  • Music Video Mob
  • Musik-Station
  • My Hip-Hop and Rap
  • The Best Of 2 Worlds
  • WMC Sound
If you are a newly added blog, and we did not spell your blog name the way you wanted it, please let us know by either e-mailing us, leaving a comment on this post, or leaving a comment in the chat box!  We look forward to more affiliates soon!

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