Little did you know, running a blog on blogger can be expensive.  We here at TGLR buy our albums, and review them.  Albums cost money, and it is getting hard to keep paying for albums. We are looking to keep the blog running strong, and to keep giving reviews, but with the album buying problem, it is getting hard to keep on going.  As of right now, we are setting up a PayPal, and are hoping that the viewers will be able to donate just a small amount to us.  We are not expecting to ever get a big donation, but a dollar or two from our viewers could go a long way for us.  If we average about one hundred people a day, and every person donated a dollar, we could buy tons of albums to review and work on!

Expect in the coming weeks to see a space on the sidebar where you can donate some money to help us out with the blog.  Also, if you enjoy reading posts on the blog, feel free to pass our link onto your friends and family.  We promise to continue our mission to delivering the best of music, whether it be news, reviews, or interviews/discussion topics.

Thanks for sticking by us, and hopefully helping us out with the funding of our blog!

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