We have some sad news for you all (by all we mean those who read the blog...).  As I sifted through my e-mail yesterday, I noticed how much spam was on my GMail account.  I begin sifting through the spam, and I come upon an e-mail from The Blogger Team, stating that the blog has been filed for breaking infringement laws.

We here at TGLR do not allow the downloading of tracks that we do not own.  We are simply here to do what we love, review music, discuss music, and bring you all music news.  We are unsure of what the future has in store for the blog, and we hope we can stay open for as long as possible.  The e-mail which was sent to us was vague in telling us what infringements we had committed.  All that we were told was that on our review of Mail on Sunday by Flo Rida, there was material that was on the post which needed to be removed.  We took off the music videos from YouTube, but left up the links to some YouTube videos that we had found.

We here at TGLR do not know how much they wanted us to remove, but we would just like to convey to everyone out there that we do not have any downloads running on the site right now. Nor do we plan on hosting any download links (with material we do not have permission to release).  Our mission is simple, all we want to do is bring out the best in music, and we hope by adding music videos to our posts will not be a problem.  If there is someone who knows information on infringement law, please e-mail us, and maybe you can help us understand what we have to do, so that we can keep on working on the blog, and avoid unneeded lawsuits.  If you e-mail us, we will show you what we were told and then hopefully you can help us out.  Thanks to all of our viewers out there who come visit the blog, and thanks to all of you who support us, whether it is just by visiting, inviting friends to the blog, or leaving comments on the stuff we do.

- Tha Good Life Reviews (TGLR)

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