A UK based four piece called Rebbeca, have just released their debut album online as a free download accompanied by a ltd edition Digipack CD, which is now sold out. Don’t be discouraged by their unsigned status, Rebbeca have shared bills with The Killers and the Foo Fighters as well as headlining several UK tours. As testament to their success to date, producer of Coldplay’s X&Y and Rush of blood to the head, Danton Supple, is already on board to produce their next album.

You can download their first album off of there site at www.rebbeca.info, and check out there MySpace to listen to some of their tracks.  I was really impressed by there works, and if you want to get into something new, give them a listen!  Let us know what you think of their works, and let them know if you like their stuff.  Expect some uploads from them in the near future!

Here are what some UK sources have said about Rebbeca:
"intricate blend of elements of The Killers, a more savage, blistery Coldplay and, on Public Face, seriously loud echoes of Queen" – NME

“Matt Bellamy’s doomsday falsetto. Editors euphoria. Pixies panic.” - The Fly

"(Influences) include Radiohead, Muse, Jeff Buckley and other enthusiastic sky-scraping indie sounds. Rebbeca hype is growing thanks to wicked singles and invitation only studio gigs" – Rock Sound

"..to put it simply, this is a brilliant song and one that will promote Rebbeca to the elite" – Gigwise

"..with the vocal dexterity of Matt Bellamy, the epic quality of Mansun at their best, and the space rock power punch of Pink Floyd. it’s a great single" – Subba-cultcha.com

"If every new band sounded this flawless then people like me would be out of a job. Thankfully nothing this year has tasted so delicious" – Rockmidgets.com

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