It all started in 1982. A special child was born weighing 10 lbs, 8oz . His parents knew he was different from the other kids so they put him in a space pod bound for the planet earth. One night during a meteor shower in the village of Enfield, a couple name Mike and Cathy Boyd found the space pod in the river in thier back yard. They took the child in as thier own and decided never to tell anyone that thier adopted son was a alian. They named him Mike Jr. As Mike jr. got older he started to notice he had powers that the other kids did not. He could create multi syllable rhymes in the blink of an eye and his flows were of the charts. He knew he had to cherish these gifts and use them only for the good of man kind.

Mic Boyd has just released an album entitled, Lost in Woods, and you can for sure expect to see a review for that soon.  Mic Boyd has an older brother who has been putting out records for a while now, and he goes by the name of, "Classified."  Unlike other hosted musicians on this blog, Mic Boyd has something different.  His sound is much different then most musicians, and he has a different way of going at his style.  Maybe it is just how they do it in Canada?  Who knows, but one thing for sure is that this guy is good, and if you want to give him a listen, and hear more stuff by him, you can check out his MySpace.

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