This week I'm comin' at you with some remixes of one of my favorite songs, I Tried by Bone Thugz-n-Harmony feat Akon. The two remixes feature two of my favorite old school and really true and real rappers, 2Pac and Eminem. In my opinion the Eminem remix is better mixed, because for some reason there's some weird background humming in some parts of the 2Pac song remix. The thing that I love and really appreciate with these mixers is the way that they do their music videos. They are able to mix pictures into a slideshow or mix pictures with the music videos from the actual song and create a new experience. Without these music masters and the visions that these artists have, we wouldn't be able to experience all of our favorite artists and songs as one single entity. Thank you. Enjoy!

I Tried Feat. Eminem

I Tried Feat. 2Pac

I Tried Feat. 2Pac

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