So here are some things that are new on the blog, just a few reminders, and one shout out (just one, no more, and no less).  As right now, things with the blog have been running pretty smoothly.  If you have not noticed, we are trying to get back to how we used to do reviews, and even while doing so, I have tried to give you a bigger and better review post for every album I do review (from now on).  With that cleared up, here are some updates we have as of right now...

We are currently in the market for a new look to the blog, but we'll see how that goes down, if anyone has any suggestions, please let us know!  We would love to have a "user friendly" blog, and would like those who visit the blog to make suggestions.  On top of that, we would like to welcome back AKAvsMA back on to the web.  While he may not be on blogger anymore, he is now on a forum, and you can check out what he is doing by Clicking Here! (or by clicking on Ain't Got No Music in the affiliates list).

As we work to bring you more music updates and reviews, we really wished that people who viewed the blog would do more commenting, and give us more feedback.  We set up this blog for feedback purposes, to discuss music, and to do what we love doing.  It would be nice to get a comment or two once in a while.  Thanks to all of you who do check the blog on a regular basis, it is much appreciated!  

Anyway, that is all for now, hope you guys are enjoying what we do, because we sure do.  Be sure to check out the new and improved: Ain't Got No Music.  And please feel free to comment and help us look for a new blog template!  Thats all for now, look here for more music updates, news, reviews, and more!

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