Just when you thought Chris Brown was completely done with his sophomore album entitled, Exclusive, here we are again, telling you that there is more!

CB is apparently having a re-release of his extremely successful album, and the first single off this album is entitled, "Forever," and has been produced by Polow da Don.  Remember this time last year, Timbalands name was all over the music media due to all the tracks and songs he had been producing.  Well as of right now, it would appear that Polow da Don has taken over, and in recent times, he has been producing a ton of the hits you have been hearing on the radios and the web.  This track for sure be hot, and it will be the fifth single off the re-release of Exclusive.  There has been no talks of there being a featured artist on the track, but I am sure that if there is not a featured artist, that there will more than likely be a remix of the song featuring somebody.  Expect a music video for the single to drop sooner or later, more than likely closer to the re-release date.  When we find out more about the re-release of Exclusive, we will be sure to post it up on the blog!

Sorry for the lack of updates and reviews, we have been crammed with so much stuff, and we deeply apologize to those of you who diligently visit the blog!  

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