Young Buck is no longer part of G-Unit.  The beef that has been going on between Buck and the others has been so much that 50 has come out and confirmed that as of today, Young Buck is no longer part of the group.

To tell you all the truth, I think this is best for both parties, mainly because as of late, Buck didn't have much of a role in the Unit's productions.  And as a young, maturing Rap star, I think Buck should be glad to move on, and also be glad he is still under 50's contract and can produce music.

In my humble opinion, the break up between the two is perfect.  From what I have understood, 50 does not plan on doing anymore solo albums after his upcoming release, and Buck has his whole career ahead of him.  The split between Buck and the Unit comes in good timing as well, and by the separation finalized, the two parties can move on, and have less distraction.  So basically, Young Buck can continue to, "Buck The World," and 50 and his crew can continue onward with doing what they do best, having conflict after conflict after conflict, and keep on breaking up with group members.  

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