Just when you thought Brass Knuckles would never ever come out, or ever be released, the second single of the album was put out.  "Party People" by Nelly featuring Fergie is and will be one of the best singles of 2008, and has made me so much more eager to hear his upcoming album!

"Party People" is the second single to drop from the album, and it is really rather great.  While I did enjoy "Wadsyaname" (the first single off his up and coming album, Brass Knuckles), but not to the extent in which I enjoy this most recent track produced by Polow da Don.  See!  There it is again!  Polow da Don has put out yet another amazing track, and if he keeps up with this, he could for sure become (he already is, who am I kidding), one of the best producers in the music industry.

I can't wait to hear more from both Nelly, and hopefully more tracks from Polow da Don!  We will keep you all posted on the Nelly album when we hear more about it!

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