As I am sure there are tons of people out there who enjoy downloading music a head of time, on April Fools Day 08', someone out there decided they would pull a prank on the CyberWorld.  The idea for this prank was genius in the fact that it was so hard to figure out if this "Fake Out" was real or not...

So on April 1st, 2008, someone on the web had leaked out what was thought to be the Narrow Stairs album that is due out soon.  The supposed album only had one track that was going to be on the upcoming album, and that was the released single.  The rest of the songs were by German Indie band Velveteen. 

The two bands sound so similar that people who probably downloaded the album could not tell the difference between the German band, and Death Cab For Cutie.  So to all of you who downloaded the fake album online...you were officially faked out!  Hope you learned your lesson!  Whoever had this idea of making the fake album for an April Fool's Day prank, all the props go out to you!

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