For all of you Clay Aiken fans and American Idol viewers, Clay Aiken will be coming out with a new album on May 6th, 2008.  The album has not received much press coverage, and I just know about it from random searching.  The album will feature twelve tracks, and seems to be more adult like and mature (not that his past releases haven't been).  

I sure hope this album will be better than the past ones that Clay has put out.  He was great on American Idol, and had one decent album, but his past releases just hasn't added up to what all of America saw in him on the ever so popular Idol show.  Just by looking at the album art, you can see the difference and attitude he has towards this album, and my gut feeling is that this one is going to be very serious, and more about "life" then about silly things.  So come May 6th, all you Clay fans should get the album, and let us know what you think of it compared to his past ones.

Track Listing for On My Way Here:
"On My Way Here"
"Everything I Don't Need"
"Something About Us"
"Where I Draw The Line"
"The Real Me" (Originally sung by Natalie Grant)
"Weight of the World"
"As Long as We're Here" (Originally sung by Kristy Starling)
"Sacrificial Love"
"Grace of God"
"Lover All Alone"

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