So this is a little something I decided I was going to do.  It is pretty much a small list of things that have been going on, that are, as the title of the post says, "shameful."  Not such a hard concept to get, and really it is just to get a perspective on what is going on in the world, and the funny things that people do.  These are not neccessarily current things, but rather just stuff that has happened, that is, you know...

Paula Abdul Drunk On TV:
Hey, now I can understand how she got this one mixed up.  The rule is no drinking and driving, no one has ever ruled out being drunk and being televised.  I don't really see the problem, do you?  Oh wait a minute, it is clicking now, when your drunk, you don't make any sense!!! OK, now that that is cleared up, yes, indeed being drunk on television, being broadcasted to tons of people around the globe can be rather SHAMEFUL... Just check it out for yourself.

Keeping it on the Idol note of things, how would you like to be Chelsea Johnson auditioning for your fourth time for American Idol?  Go ahead, check it out...

Whether you knew this about me, or not, sometimes I like to listen to the radio on the web.  There is nothing better than tuning in on channel 95.5 (from Detroit), and listening to the Big Boy Show.

You can listen to their top thirty phone scams on their site at: mojo.channel955.com

Now those are some pretty embarrassing things, eh'?  Well lets get a little political, shall we!?  I am sure you all know about the Governor that went from prostitute crack down, to getting down on a street corner girl.  Yes, I am talking about the Governor (or should I say, past Governor) of New York, your very own, Eliot Spitzer!  Yes, yes, the very man who tried to shut down prostitution rinks in New York just couldn't hold himself back...what a shame!  Well, Spitz had to have known that he would get caught eventually, and did you see his wife when he made the speech of his resigning of his position in the New York Governor.  Talk about awkward...  But thats not really how they do it in Detroit, I guess... At least in Detroit, if you are the mayor, you can do whatever you want.  Take money from the state, throw some lavish party, and hey! even fit in enough time to cheat on your wife too!  What more could Kwame ask for?

I don't know if you all have noticed this, but yes, there is a lot to be shameful for in this world that we live in.  Mayors and Governors cheating on their spouses, crack up phone scams, drunk TV appearances, farting during an audition... while these can all be classified as "shameful," they are also ironic and funny (in a way...not so much the Mayor and Governor stories).  People sometimes need to stop being critical and look at the shame that people have, and laugh it off...

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