I was pretty much positive that after American Gangster, Jay-Z would be putting together another album.  Think of it this way, Jay-Z is the Michael Jordan of Hip-Hop/Rap.  The guy retires, but just cannot stay away from what he loves doing the most.  There is no news on when the new album will drop, what the new album will feature, or even what the title of the album will be.  All I know of as of right now is that the Jigga Man is putting something together, and I am sure it will be great.  So what do you all think will be on this album?  Here is what I think is going to be on the upcoming album.  

The List:
Number One: This will not, and I will repeat again, WILL NOT be a dark, gloom, street life type of an album.  Your probably looking at some sort of "happy" type of rap album coming out of Jay.  

Number Two: Due to his recent marriage, I would not be surprised if him and the misses get working on a project together, or at least she (Beyonce') will probably be featured on a track or two on the album.  

Number Three: You know when artists get really happy, and their lives are going really well, you seem to see a much different side to them, and it is also shown in their music.  Just take Ben Folds as an example.  The guy was literally in 7th Heaven when he was married, and Songs for Silverman was just that happy-go-lucky type of an album.  Then he gets divorced, and his music goes back to the way it had been before.  I am thinking (and I could be wrong), but Jay-Z's next album could be just like that, your "happy-go-lucky" Jay-Z album.  

I guess we will have to wait and see what the Jigga Man has in store for all of us, but for right now, this is all we can predict.  When we find out more, we will be sure to let you know.

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