Well, we have not been on the web for a very long time, but when we came onto the blogger scene, we had seen many more music blogs that were running smoothly and without any problems.  Now, if you go down our affiliate list, you will find that many sites have been shut down.  We would like to acknowledge what the people out on the web have done, and while what they may have done wrong, they really did help me with new stories, music videos, and when new music was due out to drop.  It is a shame that they have been shut down, but hopefully they will still work on doing stuff with music on the web.

So here is what we wanted to basically say.  We are pretty much going to stop accepting peoples blogs who have just been started.  If they (a blog) are only up for one day, or anytime less than a month, they will not be allowed to be added to the affiliates list.  That is all for now, and we want to say thanks and good luck to all the blogs and their writers who have been shutdown or have decided to stop blogging.

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