I am personally a big Weezer fan, and I am proud to announce, and to tell you all that Weezer is releasing another album.  It will be self titled, but will be considered The Red Album.  This will be the third Color Album release from the rock band, and it is expected to drop on June 17th, 2008.
There is really little to no news on the album as of yet, but all I can say is that I really cannot wait for its release!  It was rumored that the album name would be called, "Tout Ensemble," but those rumors have by now been shut down.  Someone put that rumor out on the web, and also had album artwork which looked professionally done.  Below are the confirmed tracks for the album, and rumored tracks as well.  Also, we will post up the rumored album art for the fake titled Weezer 08' release.

Fake Album Art For Tout Ensemble

Confirmed Tracks For The Album:
"Pork and Beans"

Possibly Recording Tracks For The Album:
"Everybody Get Dangerous"
"Ms. Sweeney"
"I'm the Greatest Man That Ever Lived"

Possible Inclusions To The Album: (Songs With Cuomo Rivers Has Written Since 2005)
"East Coast or West Coast"
"Piece of the Pie"
"Heart Songs"
"Our Time Will Come"

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