I watched pretty much the whole debate, and tried to stay as unbiased as possible. I got to tell you, each candidate many good points throughout the debate, but when it came down to presenting the information, and speaking, Obama won. He had straight facts, reasonable solutions to problems (ideas that could be put into action), and after the first two questions, attacked McCain in a hard and strong manner. There is just a couple of points made by McCain that I want to refute (I think that Obama should adopt some of these ideas as well and bring it up to McCain in the future...)

Refute #1: A New UN, Afghanistan/Pakistan, Iraq/Iran
McCain's response to the current problems with Iran was very interesting. He stated that the U.S. needs to rely on its allies, and unite countries around the world to fight out against Iran's nuclear production. While this is a very good idea, he then went on to mention that he would like to put together a coalition or group of countries to speak out against Iran. Here is the problem with such an idea... WE ALREADY HAVE THAT! It is called the United Nations (UN), and it truly does not work. America and the other countries that would join this "group" would not be able to stop Russia and China from giving products to Iran. Both countries want money and oil, and in Iran, those are easy to come by. If McCain's plan to deal with Iran is by setting up a UN like coalition, then I fear for the worst in both America's and Israel's future. The fact that McCain and Obama did not stand stronger with Israel (which is the only democratic government in the Middle East) is a scary thought. On Iran's list, Israel is to be blown off the face of this Earth first; then comes the U.S.

Also, Obama was right, we need to talk to the Iranian President who calls for the destruction of both Israel and America. President Achmedinajad is not the highest ranking leader in Iran, and by talking to him, the U.S. would not be legitimizing what he plans to do. On top of that, Pakistan and Afghanistan are very important issues. Iraq is great and all, but it was a failure. We need to put our troops in Afghanistan and search Pakistan for Osama Bin Laden. We should never have even wasted our time in Iraq. The biggest problem with the Iraq war was that it was Bush who sent the troops, not congress. Last time I checked, the President cannot declare war, only congress can... So technically, we should not have gone to Iraq in the first place. At this point in the war in Iraq, the U.S. should start pulling out, and moving troops to Afghanistan. The search Pakistan for Osama Bin Laden. If they smartly ration their troops, they should have enough to reserve for any future problems with Iran. If there was ever a problem with Iran, the U.S. government and winner of this election should call upon Israel for help. America used to have the best army, but as of right now, Israel's army is top notch and would be helpful in protecting both America and Israel.

I look forward to hearing Biden and Palin duke it out, and I also look forward to hearing comments from both the presidential candidates in the near future. It is vital for Americans to make the right decision, and my posts are merely opinionated and are only here to spark conversation and ideas in what others may think! I do support Obama, ICECrush supports McCain, so I am merely giving my opinions. ICECrush can defend his candidate on the blog if he chooses to. Let us know what you thought about the debate, and who you thought won it!

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