Here's the new rule. I am sick of the chat box being used as a request box. If you want to be an affiliate, you have to fit some standards of ours. No offense to sites out there that are not well developed or don't do as much, but I want viewers to be able to go to other sites that have stuff they want. SO, that brings me to my point. There are three things that your blog needs to have:
  1. Must Be Updated On A Regular Basis
  2. Must Have Quality Posts
  3. Must Add Our Blog to Their Affiliates List
Follow those three simple rules, and you can be part of our blog affiliates list. In the next couple of days, we will be clearing out the list we currently have, and only leaving on the sites that we think should be on the list. Also, please remember that if you want to be added, you SHOULD NOT USE THE CHAT BOX. Instead, e-mail us at sickwitityo@gmail.com and we will let you know if you will be added or not. If we think your blog fits the list, then we will send you and e-mail back asking some quick questions! Thanks to all the viewers and blog/sites out there. We look forward to seeing more blogs and more viewers come and visit our blog in the near future!

The TGLR Team

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