In the wise words of Governor Palin, "Oh Gosh Darnit," 50 Cent has (as Brittney Spears would say), "Done It Again!" This past week, Fif called out one of my personal favorites, Jay-Z. I don't really know what Hova ever really did to deserve this negative shout out from the ring leader of G-Unit. 50 Cent stated that Jay-Z never became fully recognized until he married superstar Beyonce. Well Mr. Cent, I have some news for you... He has and was recognized before his marriage.

I really sense that 50 Cent is just a jealous guy. Man, if I had the amount of money he did, I would be happy. I could retire early, spend cash as I wanted, and lived as a happy man. It seems like Fif is only happy when he starts beef with another artist. Jay-Z is just another name on the already long list of musicians 50 Cent has called out. I have to share with all of you that I truly am sick and tired of this beef that 50 Cent has been starting over the past five years. I mean come on, his disses and attacks on other musicians is like a two second graders calling each other names. Let's take a recap moment here... Who instigated the Kanye vs Fitty feud? ANSWER: 50 Cent. Who started The Game and G-Unit feud? ANSWER: 50 Cent. And now, he is starting beef with Jay-Z... Doesn't he see that these games are immature for a grown man?

To say that Hova would be pretty much nothing without his marriage with Beyonce is an awfully bold statement. In many peoples minds, the Jigga man is one of the most successful Rap/Hip-Hop musicians in the music industry today. If we had to rank on a 100 point scale on who is a more successful and known artist, Jay-Z would win 90/100, and Fif... well who knows about him. He is known, but not for making good music, and for sure not for being a good Samaritan. Infact, 50 gets a 100/100 for being a $h!+ disturber!

Well anyway, I am looking to see how this one plays out. Knowing Jay-Z, he won't take Fif too seriously, taking the guy seriously would be like listening to a second grader. If something does go down, you can count on Hova destroying Fif. Nas and Jay-Z was one of the most epic beef battles in music history, no doubt that Jay would man handle 50 in a beef battle.

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Anonymous said... @ November 10, 2008 at 4:20 AM

You blogger people are funny

Before you call yourself blogging about these things, check your facts FIRST (but since you're not in the industry, I doubt you have any FACTS) lol

The record sales thing between 50 and Kanye was KANYE'S idea. Kanye said that himself, many times. As a matter of fact, Kanye and 50 are very good friends behind the scenes and Kanye ask 50 if he wanted to do it as a publicity stunt. Yes 50 started his share of beefs, but the beefs between Game and Nas were started by them, not 50.

Anyone with common sense could read between the lines and see that 50 was NOT dissing Jay. He didnt say the man would be nothing without the girl. 50 used the term "INTERNATIONAL" in his comment. That means the pop/white media. Now the white media, who didnt give a damn about Jay 6 years ago, are now reporting stories about his relationship with pop star Beyonce 365 days a year. In fact, some pop media outlets call Jay "BEYONCE'S HUSBAND".

I work in the industry so it's always funny when I run across these little blog sites and see bloggers posting stuff like this. I read two of your post and laughed my ass off. Thanks for the entertainment and I'm sure you will delete my post, or blog about it. I aint mad at ya...do your thing lol

You are a great writter though. With the right information, I think you could be a great reporter!

Have a great day

SoSickWitItYo said... @ December 1, 2008 at 7:01 PM

hey man,

if i get something wrong, i am open to being told i was wrong. So no, I won't delete your comment. Havent checked back to this post in a while!

Thanks for the compliment, and yes, you are right about Ye' starting the whole thing, but anyways, the 50 v. Jay-Z would never happen, I just am a big hater when it comes to Fiddy. And for a solid reason...

Anyway, thanks for the advice, and it is always great to get a compliment every now and then! Look forward to your future comments!


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