According to Mac Rumors, the people from Apple have invited the media to a 'Notebook' event. This is great news for both Apple, myself, and the blog! This event which is supposed to go down on October 14th, 2008 will introduce the new macbooks and macbook pros which means that I will be getting a new computer. With a new computer comes more posts (as the dinky, slow moving, and piece of crap I am using now makes it difficult to post on the blog). So you should all get excited for the upcoming apple event, they better be announcing the new Macbooks/Pros. I will get one as soon as they come out and I will for sure make a post that day! By getting a new laptop, I will be able to take this blog to a whole new level (hopefully)! So I look forward to letting you guys know more about V3 and my new laptop in the near future!

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