The Preview is a promo mixtape for the upcoming Luda album entitled, Theater of Mind. The songs on there are very solid, he sort of took a Chamillionaire take to it, re-doin' songs that were popular, and adding his own touch to it. (Check out Mixtape Messiah 4 by Chamillionaire). The tracks are tight, but the mixtape really didn't give me a very strong vibe for what the album will sound like. He did a good job on the mixtape nonetheless, no hating on it. The tracks on there are good, and for sure gives his fans something to listen to while they are awaiting his sixth studio album release. I highly suggest you go out and give the mixtape a listen if you are a Luda fan.

Track Listing:
"And Starring… (Intro)"
"Still Spittin'"
"DTP Magic (Feat. Willy Northpole)"
"Get Up, Get Out (Feat. Block Xchange)"
"So Thoro"
"The Vocalizer (Skit)"
"Bigg Ass House"
"2 Kings (Feat. I-20)"
"Politics (Obama is Here)"
"Look What I Got (Feat. Playaz Circle)"
"Pinky Shinin' (Feat. Small World)"
"Sho'Nuff Revisited (Feat. Lil' Fate)"
"Ordinary N****es"
"Throw It Up (Feat. Lil Wayne & Busta Rhymes)"
"Coogi Down (Feat. LA the Darkman & Willie the Kid)"
"I'm A Dog (Feat. Playaz Circle)"
"Smokin' Big Kill (Feat. Shawnna)"
"Stay Together"
"We Ain't Worried 'Bout You"
"Roll the Credits"
"Been Puttin' On"/"Secret Song"

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