You won't find this list on Wikipedia, or on any other site out there, but here are just a list of rumored tracks that could be on Mr. West's up and coming album entitled, 808's & Heartbreak. Below is the list of tracks that could very well possibly be on the next hit album from Kanye West. Take a look and enjoy!

Confirmed Tracks:
"Love Lockdown"

Rumored Tracks:
"Stay Up Viagra (Feat. 88 Keys)"
"Beverley Hills Cop Song (Unconfirmed Name)"
"A Good Ass Job (Feat. Rhymefest & Mikkey Halsted)"
"Promised Land (Feat. Adam Levine & Malik Yusef)"

More rumored tracks to come when I hear about them. This post is an exclusive to TGLR, you won't find this information anywhere else... If you use it, please show some love to our blog and give us credit! Thanks!

Check out Articulates version of "Love Lockdown" called, "You Lose." The track is tight, and you can check it out by Clicking Here! You can also give Trey Songz version of the hit single by Clicking Here (it is okay, I am not a huge fan of the amount of profanity he uses, it is pretty unnecessary.)

P.S. Check Out This Cool Kanye West Video:

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