Thr33 Ringz, what is that supposed to mean?  Well the album cover just explains that the theme deals with a circus.  His dress, of that someone in the circus.  His choice of entrance to MTV 2008 Music Video Awards, an elephant.  So what is this album talking about...?  Living in a circus?  T-Pain describes the music industry as a, "circus."  I would agree with him, it for sure is like a circus.  So what are we to expect off the album?  Well just give the singles and the mixtape he released a listen.  Below is the confirmed track listing for the album and also the confirmed deluxe tracks as well.  We will try to keep you all up to date on information about the album.  The concept of the album is for sure interesting, and it should hopefully turn out better then Epiphany

Track Listing:
"Welcome to Thr33 Ringz"
"Ringleader Man"
"Chopped & Skrewed (Feat. Ludacris)"
"Take A Ride (Skit)"
"Freeze (Feat. Chris Brown)"
"Blowing Up (Feat. Ciara)" 
"Can't Believe It (Feat. Lil' Wayne)"
"It Ain't Me (Feat. Akon & T.I.)"
"Feed The Lion (Skit)"
"Therapy (Feat. Kanye West)" 
"Long Lap Dance Song"
"The Reality Show (Feat. Musiq Soulchild, Raheem DeVaughn & Jay Lyriq)"
"Keep Going"
"Superstar Lady (Feat. Young Ca$h)"
"Change (Feat. Akon, Diddy & Mary J. Blige)"
"Digital (Feat. Tay Dizm)"
"Karaoke (Feat. DJ Khaled)"

Deluxe Edition Tracks:
"Bad Side"

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