The Palin Problem
By, SickWitItYo

Oh where to start with this one. You all seem to know that I am a strong democratic minded person who is really against certain republican viewpoints. The point of this post is not to offend Governor Palin, the Republican Party, the John McCain ticket, the countless McCain supporters, or the people of Alaska. I am merely trying to point out a few key problems with the choice McCain made when deciding that Palin would make a great running mate.

Let's start off with her views. It is great that you are a hockey mom, a family person, someone who cares for their kids, but when John McCain's wife introduces you as all that and, "A pistol packing" mother, there are second thoughts. Hilary Clinton was not a "Pistol packing" candidate, and on top of that, the comment seems to make a reference that all Republicans like a mom who can pack a pistol. To be honest, if I was a republican, I would be greatly worried in that statement. When is the last time you have hear Miss Alaska described as "Pistol Packing?"
Last time I checked, people who win these beauty contests should be for 'world peace.' I guess when the judges asked her, "What do you wish for in the world," she stated, "pistols and a war in Iraq."

Moving on, there is the whole problem with her inexperience as a leader. Okay, you were a mayor and a governor. Woop-de-doo! When you start comparing your VP's inexperience to Obama's, it gets messy. Obama is very influential, Palin... not so much. When Palin addresses an issue, she generally gives a radical view that I would say democrats and about 1/3 of Republicans don't agree with. Some could say that she is the perfect one for the job, but I have way more reasoning as to why she wasn't.

As I posted yesterday, the VP debate was last night. Some people got bored and turned it off midway through. Others didn't watch, and some tuned in to see what SNL could use in their next Tina Faye skit (which are by the way some of the funniest material I have seen SNL put out in a while). I tuned in to hear what each candidate had to say. When you do a debate, you answer the questions in an answer format. At many times throughout the debate, it seemed that Palin was answering questions as if it was an acceptance speech. Listen lady, just answer the question and be done. No need for dramatic analogies and sugary moments where you try to seem nicer than you really are. When asked what flaws or things that the McCain ticket may not be able to uphold, Palin responded that there was nothing that McCain has said that he will have to take back. It is that type of la-la land thinking that will further destroy Washington D.C. To say that he will keep all of his promises is like saying OJ Simpson is a good Samaritan and never killed his wife or held up those sports memorabilia shops. Biden admitted there were things they would have to hold off on, Palin... NOTHING! That's no good...

On top of that, the debate last night was Biden's time to shine. Palin destroyed herself when it came time to differentiate between her VP status and McCain's Presidential status. During the debate, she made it almost seem like she was in fact running against Obama. I am sure she wishes it was that way, but "say it ain't so Joe," it sure isn't! She had some positive spots and didn't make too many mistakes, but Biden came out stronger and was FAMILIAR with the debate setting. Palin is far too inexperienced to gain the VP status and help run a country whose economy is going down the toilet!

I hate to say it, but I read it best on a YouTube comment on a Palin interview video. The user stated something along the lines of, "If McCain wins, we are one heart-beat away from this chick being the next president..." The sad part of that statement is that it is true. McCain is healthy (as far as I know), but if he were to become ill, or unable to serve his presidency, Palin would be running our country... A two year governor of Alaska and former mayor. I don't know about all of you, but I think we need more experience and leadership in office. The Obama/Biden ticket offers more combined government experience and knowledge then the McCain/Palin ticket. Let's be reasonable this November, and make the right decision... Let's not let another eight years repeat itself again.

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