So I am checking through my e-mail account (which has more spam than any e-mail account I have ever seen), and I come across an e-mail entitled, "Unsigned Artist: T.E.V..." The title interested me enough to open the e-mail up and give it a look. Boy was I glad I did! T.E.V. is a Hip-Hop/Pop musician out of New York. He appeared on BET Rap City "Spit Ya Game" which aired on September 2nd, 2008. Here are what some people had to say on T.E.V.

DJ Skeet Skeet (Shwayze/MTV):
"Yoo man sounds dope I'm excited to get the new stuff."
- Referring to Music & CBC Shirts

You can download two (yes, that's right, TWO) free tracks from T.E.V. Both were produced by The Banana Brothers.

"Coming Back To Me (Feat. H.Wood)"
"Slide N' Pick It Up (Feat. H.Wood)"

Give us and T.E.V. some feedback on the tracks and his music! Be sure to leave a comment and show some love! I really thought that those two tracks were good and I can't wait to hear more from T.E.V.

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