That man up there, he is the next president.  That guy up there, he says we can achieve change.  That guy up there, just made history as the first black (multi-racial) President to ever be elected.  That man right up there ran a flat out flawless campaign. Finally, that man up there, he has the next four years to turn this country around.  It was enough to get him elected, but now we as Americans need to take a strong role in our countries needs.  Barack can't do it by himself, and him winning this election does not mean that change will just happen.  As an AMERICAN community, we need to band together, and work with one another to make this place better.  Democrat or Republican, Black or White, Muslim or Jewish, we need to help make our home country the best it can be.  And it starts with Barack, and it ends with us.  We as Americans need to know that and understand that.  Change comes not from one person, it comes from a collective group.  I wish Senator, erm, I mean President Obama the best of luck on the next four years he will be spending in the White House.  He has a lot of work cut out for him, but with his leadership, and America willing to do their part, this country could be a heck of a better place!

I think it is more important to not focus on who won, rather what America can do from this point on.  Yes, we made history by electing a multi-racial American, but we need to do more than that.  We need to all want America to be better, and if we all work together, who knows, America could be a better place.  I am sure ICECrush has a very different view on the election than I do, but we each get a long alright.  He is a conservative where I am a liberal.  We bash on certain topics, but the main reason why we are friends and are able to talk about politics is because we listen to one another and to each others ideas.  Best of luck to the Obama family and Biden family, and I hope that the next four years are truly what PRESIDENT Obama told the American people, change is on its way!

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