Soulja Boy up in that hoe, watch my MySpace get hacked fa sho...! That's right, Soulja's MySpace was not only hacked into, but held hostage for a sum of money.  This was no small time hold up here, were talking $2,500 in return for complete control over his MySpace page.  I guess thats one way to make money when the economy stinks!  Soulja contacted MySpace, and they got him back onto his account without him paying a dime!  So how did Soulja find out about his MySpace infiltration?

A guy by the name of 4chan sent Mr. Boy a text message stating that he had complete control of his MySpace and that in order for him to get the control back, he would have to fork over $2,500.  Soulja shot him back a text message with the following... "I said f' you, b!t**. Do what you do. This motherf'er got to be f'ed up."  Interesting, I guess pacifism isn't Soulja's forte.  He is now offering $10,000 dollars for the name of the hacker...  The article I found the story on also stated, "Valleywag commenter Rex Sorgatz suggests a security tip for the young man: "Perhaps his password shouldn't have been SupermanDatHo."

In other Soulja Boy news... A reporter asked many musicians and stars as to who they thought were the worst people in history (a rather odd question to ask a superstar).  Many names were thrown out including human slave masters.  When Soulja Boy was asked the same question and told some of the other names that people threw out, he had this to say... “Shout out to the slave masters,” Soulja Boy said, continuing ”Without them we’d still be in Africa. We wouldn’t be here to get this ice and tattoos.”  Some people just need to learn to keep their mouths shut!  The guy needs like a muzzle, or a big piece of tape stuck over his mouth, no one wants to hear his crap anymore.  He may possibly be the most stupid musician to ever hit the music scene.

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