Alright, Hova is officially back!  You got your first single off the upcoming Blueprint 3 which is just the bomb diggity if ya ask me!  "Swagga Like Us" is featured on T.I.'s most recent release of Paper Trail, and got generally good feedback!  The second single is, "Jockin' Jay-Z" and from what I have heard, it sounds pretty good.  The Blueprint 3 may very well end up being Jay's best album release of his career.  I stumbled on this new track called, "History" and you can find it around the web.  He had played it on the radio, so the quality was not amazing, but the track itself was HOT.  It had an amazing beat, and the lyrics were just unreal.  I was not able to give it a full listen, but from what I heard it was straight fire!  He like has that hip-hop beat with him rapping and singing in the background.  Really, it is just a great mix and the song is unreal.  It has not been confirmed if the track will appear on the album, but if so, it may very well be the best track on there.  It is a straight fire track, so check it out if you get a chance!

We'll be back later with some more music updates... So be sure to check back here later!

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