THAT'S RIGHT!  The Jackson 5 are on the road, again, after such a long time!  Originally everyone was willing to do this back together tour but ya boy Michael.  Well I guess he caved in, and now the five Jacksons are all going to be together again.  Sure, things will be different.  One thing is that the Jackson 5 will feature their first white guy.  The second would be the fact that they are all much much older.  It will sure be great to see the group back together and hopefully I will get a chance to see them when they come into town.  If anyone does get a chance to see them, leave us a comment or something and let us know how it goes!  Also, their is rumor that they will be putting out another album, which would pretty darn awesome, so stay tuned for that!

Check back later for more Jackson 5 updates, album news, and tour dates!

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