While I was browsing the internet for hot new trax, I came across this young, poppin', suave new artist. Don't ask me how I found him, I just did. The quality on his demos aren't the greatest, but the songs are of the highest quality. From the information that I could find about this cat, he is a student at Columbia University, and plays guitar. His nicknames include but are not limited to Big Pappy, Papoose, Big Pap, Popodopolis, Pap-train, Pap, Pappyland, etc. He plays the guitar pretty well, and makes it work. As you guys may or may not know, I love acoustic guitar, and from the picture, and the songs, we can tell that he in fact does play the acoustic. That blended with meaningful lyrics equals perfection. He looks pretty cool, and sounds pretty cool too. I think you guys need to check him out.

I found two of his demos floating around online and decided to re-upload them for easy access for the blog.

The first track is titled: Dreaming of You (Download/Stream)

This song is about a person that Jeremy really misses, and he's reluctant about leaving, but has to. "I'm dreaming of you every night and day, I'm dreaming of you, and I don't want to stay". It almost seems like this is his going away song to his mom about leaving for college, but I don't exact know, I'm just taking a guess. Listen to this song, digest it, and live with it. Enjoy!

The second track, and my favorite track is titled: Century Old (Download/Stream)

This is my favorite track out of the two demos released by Jeremy Pappas. It's so warm, clever, and deep. It's not just another song, but meaningful melodic prose. Great job dude, I love you, and hopefully I can mean you one day.

"The moments we learn, what life's all about..."
"As you journey to be, a century old..."
Congrats to Jeremy Pappas for 2 solid Trax You've Never Heard!

P.S. If you see this post, we'd LOVE to have an interview with you!!!

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