Well this mixtape is pretty darn solid, I don't really know if Ne-Yo put it out himself, or if some fan created it, but it is the bomb digitty! I truly love listening to music, and I am alway open to new stuff.  Well this mixtape features a variety of Ne-Yo songs that tap into different genres.  You got your soul songs, hip-hop songs, r'n'b tracks, and then some rap sediments in there!  It is truly a fantastic mixtape, and I highly recommend it to any Ne-Yo fans out there.  Also, there are two tracks on the mixtape in which he addresses his work with Michael Jackson on his upcoming album, and who he thinks has the most Swagger in R&B.  Interesting stuff, nonetheless, pick up this mixtape if you know Ne-Yo, or even if you have never heard his stuff before.  I promise it will be sure to delight one and all!

Track Listing:
"She Got Her Own (Featuring Jamie Foxx & Fabolous) (Miss Independent Remix)" (9 out of 10)
"In The Way" (8.6 out of 10)
"You Don't Love Me" (8.6 out of 10)
"Not Perfect" (8.6 out of 10)
"Gentleman's Affair (Feat. The Game)" (9.4 out of 10)
"Talks About Working For The Michael Jackson Album" (N/A out of N/A)
"Ne-Yo Talks About The Swagger Like Us" (N/A out of N/A)
"By My Side (Feat. Jadakiss)" (9.7 out of 10)
"Nobodys Gotta Know (Feat. Yung Ram)" (8.8 out of 10)
"All For You (Feat. Yung Ram)" (8.7 out of 10)
"Chopped And Screwed (Feat. Ludacris & T-Pain)" (9.5 out of 10)
"Single (Produced By Polow da Don) (Feat. New Kids on The Block)" (9.65 out of 10)
"Fantasy Girl (Feat. Yung Ram & Rocqui) (Prod. By Urban Noize)" (9 out of 10)
"Perfoms Miss Independent on Jimmy Kimmel" (8.8 out of 10)
"Whats The Matter (Prod. By Chuck Harmony) (Bonus track)" (9.99 out of 10)

Year of the Gentleman in stores now! Be sure to pick up the album is you enjoy the mixtape, after giving the mixtape a listen, I copped myself a copy of the album, good stuff!  Check back here for more Ne-Yo news and reviews!

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