Well here is some more breaking news on The Blueprint 3.  The release date has been pushed back...  Kanye released a quote confirming the push back and gave some insight on the album.
"I mean, it's phenomenal," said KanYe. "We went in and we done the whole album. He wanted to do a few more joints, so he kinda pushed it back. Now we're gonna go in and just work on some more records. So I got some more stuff to kill it with! I think [Jay pushed the album back because] 'Swagger' just did so incredible. We wanted to go up [and make sure] everything was on that level."
Kanye also talked about what direction his musical career will take after 808's & Heartbreak is released...  As you all can tell, 808's is different then his past three albums in the sense that it does not follow the whole 'school' idea, and that the whole album features him singing with the Auto-Tune.  Also remember that the name of this album was not originally supposed to be titled, 808's & Heartbreak, rather, it was supposed to be called, Good Ass Job.  
"Well, I wouldn't put the pressure on myself to do another album; it's like whatever happens, happens. I'm still thinking of a lot of music. I mean, I'm thinking of a lot of lyrics, and if it comes to me, I just go into the studio and do it and then drop it now. So it's not a whole bunch of gimmicks and marketing, I let the other people do the marketing. ... I'm just like, 'Dude, just figure out how to put the music out.' "
More News About Kanye's & Jay-Z's Album Coming In The Near Future, So Be Sure To Check Back Here!!!

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