No matter what you think of Lil' Wayne, and I didn't think I particularly liked him until Tha Carter III came out, he is a huge star these days, unfortunately popular with crazed teenage girls. In my opinion he has become a little too popular, and is liked by the wrong community. Anyway, on November 1st a fake BBC website pronounced Lil' Wayne aka Young Wayne, aka Weezy F. Baby aka Birdman Jr. aka Weezy aka Young Weezy aka whatever you want to call him, DEAD. He was allegedly shot six times in a Crips battle after he left his show at the New Orleans Arena October 31st. The article could be found on Kineticnorth.com, but the site has recently been taken down. Perez Hilton though came to the rescue and assured us Lil' Wayne is alive, and not to believe everything you read.

I guess no one told these rocket scientists that November 1st is not April Fools Day, but I think this hoax is a pretty foolish thing to do. It is downright dumb, and unacceptable. I know that this caused major chaos, and if I had heard this rumor before it had been disproved, I probably would have been really upset myself. This once again goes to show you, don't believe everything that you're told, hear, or read, especially on the internet. You just have to look at everything with a skeptical mindset, knowing that people have biases, over-exaggerate, and make shit up. Don't worry, we don't, so rest assured our blog is high quality.

ICECrush and SoSickWitItYo pledge our allegiance to provide high quality truthful information to the general public, and should we fail to abide by the morally acceptable standards set by ourselves, may we be damned by the blogger community.

Lil' Wayne is ALIVE. Hoaxer's STOP DTP (Disturbing Tha Peace)!!!

Fake Screenshot:

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