Well it never really seems like Mos Def is a violent guy, but then again, every now and then in a music stars life, the paparazzi get to them. Well this happened to Mos, and sadly, I don't think he really should be charged with the crime. He was charged with felony, robbery and malicious destruction of private property. Eh'... Mr. Def only broke the camera, and the guy got a cut on his hand... so let Def pay for the $300 Nikon camera, give the guy a band-aid, and maybe throw in an autograph! Hey, if your job is to annoy the music stars, then you have to roll with the punches, physically and literally.

I mean hey, if Mos Def were president, there would be no paparazzi. So if I were the judge, I would order Def to pay the guy his money, and maybe take him out to dinner, give him a free concert, throw a band-aid in there, an autograph, and maybe give him backstage passes and a shout out on a song off his new album! That's it. Mos does not deserve jail time, a fine yes, but jail time... Heck NO! Paparazzi annoy any normal person, if I had a camera man following me around, I would flip out too; his reaction was completely normal!

If Def Is Jailed, Be Sure To Join Us In A "Free Mos Def" Cause...
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